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Jun Style 21-07-07

My second post is English log ver. of Jun Style.
My English is still too bad, but at least I want you to know what he was talking about in his radio show.


Good morning. How have you been, its Saturday the 21st of July.
This is Matsumoto Jun.

Well, Students are just started their summer holiday, aren't they?
Its sounds nice, Summer holiday...
It’s disappeared from me since sometime ago.

Recently I feel, I WANNA GO TO UNI (^^)
I think about this sometime... Well, something like Saito-kun in Waseda Univ.*1
Well, when I see dramas someone acting Uni student,
I get interest in the Campus life.
I want to say something like "Which department are you?" fff...

Me? I'm more like humanity student. I want to study humanity...
Ops, Japanese. I want to study classic Japanese.
Humanity is different thing isn't it?

Old... Classic Japanese is difficult to read isn't it?
I want to do something like that.

Sa! Leave this story in somewhere eles...
Today is "Bambino! Character festival"
I'm gonna read out e-mail about...
"I am or, used to be like somebody in "Bambino!""

Please listen my radio for about 30min.
Jun Style, here we start.


Good morning. This is Matsumoto Jun from Arashi.
Today's opening music is Guitar from Prince.

Sa, we received a lot of email to the Character festival.
Many of these have a lot of good stories, and quite a lot of pages.
So I'm gonna read out as much as I can.

This is from Radio name, "Bambina 10th Year"

Hello Jun-kun.
Today's topic is about who I am most closed to the Character in Bambino!
My work position is more closed to Adult Trio. (Yonamine, Miyuki & Kuwahara)
Age is also closed to them too. Therefore, their words and actions in the drama were actually very similar to myself too.
If I chose only one person, it’s Yona-san.
My job is teaching English to children.
But as well as that job, I also train new teachers too.
So I always need to serve customers and train new staff in same time.
This situation is more closed to Yona-san, I think.

Not only actual position, I also understand Yona-san always say "All you need is Love".
I don't use the word "Love", but my clients are children.
So I always tell new teachers, the "Feeling" is the most important.
"Enjoy and do your best."

Like the best selling book "law of Mirror" says, kids are actually copy us really well.
If we don't enjoy, they cannot enjoy learning too.
If we show our honest, they will act back honestly.
They even impress us a lot.
That's why if we don't work hard for them, it's not gonna work.
Since I started this job, which I use a lot of words, I became more sensitive to every words. And "Bambino!" gave me a lot of things.

It's from Bambina 10th year.
"Law of Mirror" Children actually reflect back our feeling.
That's what she actually experienced. Thank you.
Well, I want to read out a lot of e-mail like this, today!

Have a song now. "Happiness" by Arashi.

♪Happiness / Arashi

You just listened "Happiness" by Arashi.

Jun Style brought to you by Matsumoto Jun.
This week, we are having "Bambino! Character festival".
I am presenting e-mail from the listeners.

Next email from Pen name, Choco colone-san.
Thank you.
Choco-colone san!

Hello, Jun-kun.
Every time I watch Bambino!, I always understood each feeling "working people" feel.
I changed my job 4 years ago.
Now my position in my work is closed to Katori-san.
May be not many in female, but everyone saying I am very enthusiastic to the job.
For example, "Don't work if you don't have enthusiasm"
"We don't need weak confidence"
"People who never had pain does not understand other's pain"
These are what I mainly think.
I think these are like Katori.
But I cry every time for Bambino. May be its because I think back when I was "bambino".
I had trouble many time.
I stared working after graduate my high school. So I experienced how the world is hard when I was only 19.
6 years until I change my job, there were a lot of troubles.
But because I spent all those time, I grew as a person, and as a worker.
"Continuation will be your power"
When you get over some trouble, it becomes your strength.
I am enjoying my everyday life now.
As long as I work, I don't want lose my enthusiasm and want to keep being better person.

Lady Katori. I think it's fantastic.
Ha!... hahaha I said 'Ha' now. fufufu...
Let's move on to next. It’s from Mika.

Good morning, Jun-kun
"Who is the most close in Bambino!”?
I think its Bambi.
I have a high school student son.
May be people rough why I'm still being bambino in this age, but I was working in the office for 7 years before I get married.
Since about 4th year, I became senior and had more responsibility.
But I actually didn't have much enthusiasm into that job, and wasn't looking for much step up into it.
This is because, I really wanted to get married.
I liked house working.
I even went to university to learn house working.
It’s maybe strange to say but I was thinking, I am more suitable being housewife than working in the office.
I really love children, and wanted to be mum as soon as possible.

But when I actually get married and do house work, I knew how hard this job is.
While there are not kids, I finish off my job in my pace. So I was enjoying it.
But after we got kids, my life changed completely.
Everything did not go as good as I thought.
Since I am the perfectionist, I couldn't do my job, as I want because time was all depend on children.
That made me really tired.

Now my sons grown up and I have more time than before, but still I need to take care of my kids, and sometime argue with them.
My husband comes from a big family, so I need to be good to them too.
Many people say, "housewife is such a easy job", but it's not.
I want to know, if there are any professional housewife.
It's same for any job but if you satisfied completely with your job, I think it is the end.
I think I am bambi-housewife until the end of my life.
I know there is more things will happen in the future, but I will enjoy my life with my family.

I see. Katori-type person, Mika-san, and Choco-colone san too.
What to say... I think, realizing and refreshing some feeling after you experienced something is actually a bit different from being "bambino!".
Bambino is more like, he came into somewhere totally new world and started from the beginning.
But as everyone said, it is true that everyone keep learning in their life.
Every each moment bring you a new discovery. Whatever kind position or jobs they are doing.
That's why there are a lot to learn in this world for everyone.
Well... life is good, isn't it?
There are a lot of people even housewives. But everyone actually looking for the future, and looking for to learn new things from their life. I thought this kind of attitude is really wonderful.

Here is a song now. "Any Love" by Misia

♪Any Love/ Misia

You just listened Any Love by Misia.
Well, I want to read the last e-mail.
Miki-san from Katsushika area.

I think I am a Oda type from dolce section.
I am very into something I really have interest, but I'm not really good at normal chatting. So I don't communicate much with my colleagues.
I actually want to be closer to my colleagues but I cannot open my heart unless we become close enough. So I don't really talk unless there is something I need to tell them.
My dream is to get some job I really want to.
I want to find a profession in something I can express myself like Oda-san.

Oda-san type because she is not good at having company.
Oda-san, he is not good at everything, but that's why he has a warm heart.
I think that is a character of each people.

Well, that's it for now.
We received really a lot of e-mails but I couldn't read much.
Thank you for sending though.

Um, there are not much Tekkan-san type.
Although many bambi or Asuka type.
I enjoyed looking at everyone who listening this radio is also thinking many things in their life, even if we are in the different position.
Thank you very much!

Well, now, I want to announce 5 people who won "ARASHI We can make it! Cafe apron".

Firstly, Panda-san from Ibaragi prefecture. Congrats, Panda-san.
Next is Yuki-chan from Sayama, Saitama prefecture. She is 16.
She gave us a post card saying, "I want a Cafe apron". Thank you.

Next, Iron king from Iruma, Saitama prefecture. Male listener.
He is working in laundry shop.
It's saying, "I am close to everyone except owner".
Congrats, Iron King-san.

Next is Tomoko-san from Saitama city.
"My 16 years old daughter is now relaxing after her exam. She set up Japanese classic tea group. I want to give her an apron"
"When she was in primary school she was a fan of Matsumoto-san, but now she is Nino fan!!"
It's not funny....

Last is Miho-chan from Kozu city.
"I want to be a chef, so learn a lot from bambino!
Please give me an apron!"
Will give you~!

We are gonna send you bambino.... no, We can make it! Cafe apron to these 5 people.
I'm sorry for people who couldn’t win the apron.

Please try to win "Time" squeeze bottle!
Please send to "Time Time Time dept".

Here, please listen a song.
The theme song of "Bambino!". It's in Time as well.
"We can make it!" by Arashi.

♪We can make it! / Arashi

It was "We can make it!" from Arashi.

♪Yabai-Yabai-Yabai / Jun Matsumoto

How was this week's Jun Style?
Ending song of the day is "Yabai-Yabai-Yabi".
It's in the first edition of "Time" Arashi's new album.

It's already one week since we started our concert.
Today we are in Hokkaido.

Ah, we are also looking for your email.
Email for Arashi's coupling song best 10, which I asked before. We still open the list.
I want to you to send your hiding masterpiece of Arashi with some episode.
Sending address is by post, post code 330-8579 NACK5.
By Fax 048-650-0300.
E-mail address is arashi@nack5.co.jp.
Please send to "Arashi Jun Style dept". I'm looking forward to see it.
Please listen next week too. This was brought to you by Matsumoto Jun from Arashi. Bye bye!!


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Jul. 28th, 2007 01:09 pm (UTC)
Sugoi bambina-chan! Thank you for the translation! You made a really good job! Sure that your english will improve with this. But i find that your english is so good! :3

So.. he was talking about to go to Uni... yay~ I will try to enjoy more my campus life ^^

Bambino's emails were so touch H____H

Again, thank you so much for the translation! I am so happy! <3
I know that it was hard ne? Thank you for your time and effort *hugs*
Jul. 28th, 2007 01:42 pm (UTC)
You are more than welcome!!
Thanks for ur comment!!
I will try as much as I can! At least MatsuJun's for you ^^

It was a bit surprise for me that he wants to go to uni too!!
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